*Week 5…Here we GO!*

WOW!  We’ve officially been in school for a MONTH today! Time flies when you’re having fun–we are surely doing that!

REMINDERS for ****THIS**** week:

  • Parent Orientation is on Tuesday, September 19, 2017 from 5:30-6:30.
  • Picture Day is on Thursday, September 21.  Pre-pay online at LifeTouch–click link below:
  • https://my.lifetouch.com/mylifetouch/#/pictureDayId/HC017617Y0?utm_source=ParentNotify&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=PN_Pp_Pr3_F17

What’s going on in Room 103?

  1. Sight Words: see, me (review I, can, like, am, on, the)  Take time each night (less than 10 minutes) to review ALL of these words. Make sure your child can *READ* and *WRITE* this word.
  2. Reading: Sorting and recognizing letters, words, and sentences.  Also, focusing on a *CAPITAL* letters and punctuation.
  3. Writing:  Together (Interactive) and independently working on writing sentences about *FALL* and using our sight words.
  4. Math:  3D Shapes (comparing to 2D shapes), counting to 100, number talks with ten frames, and making groups up to 10 using math manipulatives.
  5. Penmanship:  Numbers and letters–learning to write from TOP to BOTTOM!
  6. Science/Social Studies: Learning about Johnny Appleseed!

Stay tuned in to our blog…our FIRST Limeades for Learning project goes *LIVE* on Monday, September 25th!   Get ready for some Sonic drinks in your life–we NEED your help! 🙂

Thank you for *ALL* that you do!


Mrs. Busha (Mrs. Pinkalicious 😉 )

*Testing, Testing, 1…2…3!!!*

Welcome to our class blog! If you are reading this, then I have successfully added you to receive updates, pictures, and what we are learning in class!  You will receive an e-mail every time I post to keep you up to date!

We’ve had an INCREDIBLE start to the school year! I truly have the *SWEETEST* class at White Oak Primary!  I have loved the opportunity to get to know all of your children so far! They are each so unique and special to my life already!

Here’s a glance at what we are learning at school right now:

-Classroom Rules/Expectations we are focusing on this week:

  1. Raise your hand to speak–Please do not blurt out!
  2. No sounds in our line.
  3. Quiet voices in the classroom.

(Can you tell we love to talk in room 103? 😉 )


  1. Hip Hop Alphabop: Letter names and sounds
  2. Penmanship for Letters Aa, Bb (Write letters starting from TOP to bottom).
  3. Holding pencil correctly/holding scissors and cutting correctly.
  4. Sight words: Like, Am
  5. Forming a sentence using the sight words…. “I like me.”  “I am Mrs. Busha.”
  6. Big Book– I Like Me.
  7. Concepts of print–Cover of book, spine, title page.
  8. OUR NAME!!! Write it/read it/recognize it/color it/see it/OWN IT! 🙂


  1. Counting to 100.
  2. Counting down from 20.
  3. The shapes: Square, circle, rectangle, triangle and their attributes.
  4. Calendar– Days of the week, months of the year, yesterday/tomorrow.
  5. Number Talks– Ten Frames with numbers 1-5.
  6. Penmanship for numbers 3, 4.

Thank you for all of your patience and support as we get this year rolling!  I’m so excited to watch your child grow and learn this school year!

Please take time each night to work on sight words for the week, writing first name (and last name if your child has already mastered first name) and counting to 20.

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