*Beaming Teacher ALERT!*

I’m beaming today because I am SO proud of my *STARS*!  They all did AMAZING at the CHAMPs Assembly!  Thank you for the support!  We also had to practice our character trait, *Flexibility* on stage while Mrs. Koonce handed out a lot of CHAMPs awards!  It’s so exciting to be a part of a school with SO many students doing SO many great things!  Our school is the BEST!  We are proud to be *Roughnecks!*

Here’s a picture of my bunch before the performance today! (I’m so sorry about the microphone in front of C’s face!)

CHAMPs Awards Winners this week….WOW!!

Thank you for all that YOU do to make my job a success!  YOU matter to your child’s education and you matter to me! 🙂

Mrs. Busha

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